As the hyphen in the name Talbot-Torro indicates, the brand was originally split in two separate companies. Derek Talbot was a top British badminton player in the 1970’s, who contributed significantly to make badminton an Olympic sport.

After retiring from his sporting career, he founded the Talbot company. In the 1990s, the Talbot company was taken over by the owners of the brand Schildkröt Sport. In collaboration with Derek Talbot and the expert product development team of Schildkröt Sportartikel, our racquets have been further developed to become high-quality, competition level racquets.

The Torro company was founded in Hamburg in the 1980s. In 1992, this young, up-and-coming brand was taken over and merged with Talbot to become Talbot-Torro. Today Talbot-Torro is regarded as the leading brand in the high-quality, leisure badminton market across Central Europe and it is a sister brand of Schildkröt.