The largest provider in the eld of beach sports enjoys a great credibility also as a result of the historically strong brand Schildkröt.

As a result of the positioning of the brand on the threshold between sports (table tennis) and toys (dolls), the logical consequence was the move from table tennis to fun sports.

Schildkröt‘s comprehensive, visually appealing product range is well represented not only in the sports shops, but also in the toy stores and the reward sections.


Schildkröt offers since 2013 a large selection of small fitness equipment for use at home or on the move. Thanks to the high level of awareness of the Schildkröt brand and the marketing power of MTS-Sport, Schildkröt was able to establish itself very quickly in the fitness sector. Today renowned specialist dealers cover the area of small fitness equipment with Schildkröt. In addition, Schildkröt was recently named „Best Manufacturer of the Year“ in the „Fitness“ category by the German dealers in the SAZ for the 4th time in succession.

Since the brand relaunch in 2020, Arnd Peiffer, one of the most outstanding German biathletes of all time, became brand ambassador for Schildkröt. Arnd is not only the face of the Schildkröt packaging concept and other advertising projects, but also appears online in dozens of videos giving exercise and training tips for almost all Schildkröt fitness articles.

Furthermore, the topic of sustainability is also high on the agenda at Schildkröt Fitness: All previously used blister packs have been
consistently replaced by cardboard packaging, so that today‘s packaging concept gets by without plastic. More and more products „Made in Germany“ are also finding their way into the collection.


2018, we added another exciting chapter to the Schildkröt storypresenting a new collection of a great variety and well-thought assortment of highquality scooters, skateboards and waveboards in trendy designs for all ages and abilitiesunder „Fun Wheel“.

Once again, the usual combination of good value for money approach together with Schildkröt high-quality standards have allowed us to create a Fun Wheels new collection that stays true to the Schildkröt motto - indestructibility,durability and resilience.