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Voluntary recall June 2019 – slackers zipline EAGLE, MTS article 980001 / barcode 859215007164

Dear customer and owner of a slackers zipline,


the American brand Slackers, distributed by MTS Sportartikel, stands for innovative leisure products that meet high safety standards. In June 2019 we had unfortunately some individual, unpredictable breakages of the trolley of the slackers zipline EAGLE (MTS article 980001 / barcode 859215007164). This may cause the user to fall and consequently result in an injury. We have immediately stopped the sale of the EAGLE zipline and replaced the plastic trolley by a new, metal-reinforced trolley free of charge. The current red plastic trolley may not be used anymore! dispose of the current trolley! We need to ask you not to use your zip-line anymore until you install the new trolley.


Since July 1st, 2019 we have only been selling the unproblematic successor product:


The slackers zipline EAGLE, MTS article 980005 / barcode 858077008524 has a newly designed and metal-reinforced trolley. Breakages are almost impossible. A robust plastic case reduces the risk of crushing.


For any further questions in connection with the exchange you can reach us at +49 (0) 8171-4318-17 or by email under

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope for your understanding for this security measure.



Please download the following assembly instruction. We need to ask you not to use your zip-line anymore until you install the new trolley.


1) Trolley assembly instruction - German

2) Trolley assembly instruction - English

3) Trolley assembly instruction - French

Please download the corresponding order form for the replacement:

1) Order form for retailer replacement deliveries
2) Order form for consumer replacement deliveries

3) Demande consommateur final pour échange de chariot

4) Recall notice for retailer


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